Supporting ASDA to survey their carparks

Project Date: October 2017 – Ongoing
Client - Asda


What was the requirement?

Asda needed to gather data regarding the use of the carparks across its UK based stores. The process would have to be conducted while the car parks were fully operational, and the process would need to be consistent across all of the UK stores. Asda went to tender looking for the supply of aerial data in the form of high resolution still imagery for visual survey of the Asda car parks.

What was the solution?

A key factor in the decision-making process for Asda was the ability of one supplier to be able to provide the aerial data for all of the different stores across all regions of the UK. RUAS using its Drone Pilot Network were able to capture data at a large number of different locations at any one time. After a proof of concept was undertaken using three of the Asda stores, it was decided that drones were the correct tool to capture the required data.

What was the result?

RUAS continue to work with Asda on their stores having completed over 4,000 drone flights over 200 stores at the time of writing (July 2019) providing detailed imagery of each car park along with data analysis including counts of the number of cars. RUAS continue to make use of its ability to deploy pilots and equipment over a large number of sites simultaneously, having worked at over 25 stores completing over 500 drone flights in one weekend.

The Client's Verdict

"We initially put our requirement for Drone surveys out to tender and with one exception the quotes that we got were in line with each other. The next step was to assess the ability of the Supplier to cover the UK and at this point we started to whittle down the field, with the fact that RUAS already worked with our facilities partner ultimately swinging the decision their way.

Whilst we all have the best on intentions there are hiccups that disrupt any plans and the flexibility demonstrated by RUAS and their understanding of how large companies operate has been a great help. In addition, the knowledge shown by their colleagues, ability to act at short notice and willingness to accommodate our requests have all contributed to our relationship.

There was a small degree of hesitation in regard to RUAS and what a Drone survey would bring, which we got around by a proof of concept at one of our stores. The results in terms of informing our understanding of car park usage exceeded our expectations and overcame any concerns that existed.

I would say the three biggest benefits from working with RUAS are their clear desire to do a good job, their ability to be flexible relevant to our requirements and their professional approach to how they operate. The Customer first approach from the service RUAS provide means I would readily recommend them to others."

David Byers Emerging Formats Market Insight Manager - Asda
Drone about to take flight on an Asda Store Roof
Drone flies above an Asda store