RUAS Partnering with Openreach to Deliver the Future of Internet

Elizabeth Grew | 11.05.2018

RUAS are pleased to announce that we have recently partnered with Openreach, the UK's digital infrastructure provider, to support its efforts to deliver faster, more reliable broadband to rural communities in Britain.

15 Openreach engineers completed a period of intense Remote Pilot Qualification (Small) - RPQ-s - training following their ground-breaking work in the remote Welsh village of Pontfadog

RUAS designed and delivered a bespoke course for the Openreach group along with the provision of all drone aircraft and support equipment.

Derk Noske, Chief Architect at Openreach said "We want to deliver decent broadband to everyone in Britain, and we're constantly exploring new techniques that can help us provide faster, more reliable services.

Drones are now part of our tool bag and they're helping us to upgrade some remote communities that have been impossible for anyone to reach before. So training our people to use drones efficiently, effectively and safely has become very important to us.

The RUAS RPQ-s is a thoughtful, comprehensive and well devised training programme. It strikes the right balance between classroom based teaching and outdoor hands-on flying experience. The inclusion of web-based training, prior to attending the classroom based training, is a great way of gauging the levels expected from the course."

Theory and practical training was completed for all 15 Openreach pilots, even despite the very challenging weather conditions. The week also contained practical flight training and experience to help the new remote pilots with developing the skills needed to operate the aircraft safely and legally in more demanding environments.

Mark Jones, Head of RUAS said "Openreach had a very successful week training with RUAS, despite some challenging environmental conditions. We're really pleased that all of the engineers had the opportunity to experience practical application as well as achieving their RPQ-s certification. We are excited to be a partner for Openreach as they evolve drone usage within the company, leading the way for better broadband in traditionally hard to reach areas".

With real-world applications that will benefit thousands of people with improved internet speeds, RUAS and Openreach are looking forward to continuing this partnership for the betterment of Openreach and the delivery of broadband internet to their customers.

Derk added "The standards from the RUAS instructors was consistently high and the entire Openreach team enjoyed the training. Despite the weather doing its best to disrupt our plans, RUAS adapted the course and timetable to ensure we all finished on schedule, without cutting any corners. Well done!"