RUAS | Drone Pilot Training and Commercial Drone Services

Our History

RUAS benefits from a deep understanding of airspace and navigation having worked extensively within aviation and aerospace for 30 years. Our Unmanned Aviation Services division was established in 2012 using our skills and experience to provide remote pilot training and commercial flying operations across multiple industries and rebranded from Resource Group to RUAS in 2017.

Our Drone Training

We are the longest standing accredited UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) National Qualified Entity (NQE) for Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) we are permitted to assess pilot competency for drones up to 20kgs and verify that organisations meet the UK CAA’s requirements to hold Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO). This status also allows us to provide our independent recommendation to the CAA so you can apply for a PfCO allowing you to operate your drone commercially.

RUAS offer two potential routes to your PfCO allowing you to choose the study method that works best for you. Our Online PfCO Drone Pilot Training course allows you to work at times and locations that are convenient to you and our PfCO Drone Pilot Training allows you to learn in a classroom environment led by our experienced instructors. Both courses have been specially developed by our industry experts to get you up and flying and give you the knowledge to achieve your PfCO and are designed for pilots of all levels.

We have trained remote pilots from a variety of backgrounds including the fire service, police forces, environmental monitoring, conservation, aerial photography / videography, surveying, national broadcasting companies and even the CAA themselves.

Our instructors have a vast level of experience operating drones in both civilian and military environments and have trained over 3,700 pilots since RUAS achieved its NQE status in 2012.

RUAS have training centres in Newport, Warwick, Newcastle, Dunfermline and Guildford. For organisations looking to train over two pilots training packages can be developed to address any specific requirements which can be carried out at your location.

RUAS also operate courses designed to help improve your drone capabilities, courses such as Introduction to Flight Training, Aerial Inspection, Aerial Imagery and Aerial Survey course have been designed to improve your drone experience and ensure your output is at as high a level as possible.

All training is developed within an ISO 9001 quality framework and in accordance with the Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT).

Our Commercial Drone Services

With our commercial operations services already having covered everything from inspections with Network Rail, to the planning of strategic roadways, to using thermal imaging to locate the missing dog, Cherry the Chihuahua, our professional team always give a first-class service. Since the first forays of Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) into the aviation and commercial markets, our specialist team has been comprised of experienced Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) professionals who remain fully up-to-date and competent in both drone flight and the instruction of remote pilots.

We have Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) that are equipped with the latest technology, including electro-optical (EO) and thermal capabilities. This gives RUAS the ability to provide a range of commercial operations to meet your varied requirements across a range of industries. Our team of remote pilots are able to fly drones in both day and night conditions, and our enhanced permissions from the CAA allows us to operate from within 5 metres to any vessel, vehicle, structure and 10 metres to any person not under our control in any given environment (including urban environments).