Drone Detection Technology

With our strategic partner, Dedrone, we are able to offer the world’s leading drone detection technology, enabling:

  • Identification, classification and tracking of drones within airspace
  • Early detection of drones even before they take off
  • Locate drone pilot
  • Integrates with a range of sensor technologies from radar to acoustic and video
  • Multiple simultaneous drone tracking
Dedrone Logo

Drone Detection Hardware

RUAS are partnered with Dedrone and use their drone detection technology using radio frequency to identify and track drones.

Both Dedrone's RF100 and RF300 models identify drones and remote controls operating in your airspace using radio frequency (RF) signatures including commercial, hobbyist and homebrew models sending out an alert.

Drone Detection Software

Dronetracker aggregates sensor information from potential drone threats to recognise and classify the drone. It has a web-based interface to visualise live threats in real time and view flight paths. The DroneDNA database is continually being added to as new platforms are manufactured and are captured in regular software updates.