The Drone Pilot Network

Having trained over 4,250 drone pilots, RUAS have built a drone pilot network of over 100 trained, certified and insured operators that we are able to mobilise to provide nationwide coverage where a client requires multiple sites to be serviced concurrently.

By being responsible for the drone operators training, RUAS are able to verify our Partners to ensure they are and remain competent and current giving our clients the reassurance that any drone operator that operates for them do so to the highest standard; these standards being established, monitored and maintained by RUAS.

Drone Operators we trust

As the longest standing drone pilot training CAA approved NQE we know that pilots that have been through our course have a thorough understanding of the process of operating a drone. Pilots are then specifically chosen to join our drone pilot network.

Nationwide Coverage

There are over 100 drone pilots in the network dispersed across the UK, allowing us to provide a service wherever required. The network allows us to complete jobs on a large scale for example on an ongoing job with the supermarket chain Asda we have flown over 200 different sites all over the UK using over 50 different operators all guaranteed by RUAS. The network facilitated RUAS’s ability to complete work at 25 different sites in different locations around the UK in one weekend on one project.

Quality Guaranteed

All pilots on the drone pilot network were trained by RUAS prior to achieving their Permissions for Commercial Operations and operators are vetted extensively by RUAS before they join the drone pilot network. All pilots are certified and insured and all standards on any job are established, monitored and maintained by RUAS.

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