Drone Detection Process


Threat/Vulnerability Assessment

The main goal during this stage is data collection to produce a drone audit. The sensor is used to generate complete airspace visibility, allowing data to be compiled on the number of drones being flown, what type, when they are being flown and whether there are repeat offenders. This allows for a threat profile to be drawn up and mitigation preparation to take place.


Situational Awareness and Process

The main goal of this stage is to improve your defensive processes and situational awareness based on the findings from stage 1, whether this is through internal security, increased Police cooperation, finding and prosecuting the pilot, shutting off the Wifi or simply closing the curtains. With all approaches tailored to your specific situation and ultimately defending your asset.


Adapt to Dissolve the

This stage involves using the information gathered in the previous two steps and adapting procedures to dissolve any potential threats.