Course Catalogue

RUAS offer a range of drone operator training courses including, Ground school, Flight assessments and Aerial Imagery. As a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) National Qualified Entity for Small Unmanned Aircraft (NQE SUA) we also operate a Remote Pilot Qualification - small (RPQ-s).

We offer the following courses:

Online PfCO Drone Pilot Training

CAA approved online drone training course to give you all the skills required to get your Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) including a flight assessment.

Our online course has been put together by our expert instructors allowing you to learn at your own time and at your own pace.

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PfCO Drone Pilot Training

CAA approved two day drone training ground school to give you all the skills required to get your Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) including a flight assessment.

Benefit from two days of tuition from our expert instructors in one of our facilities around the UK.

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Assessment Day

Online PfCO Drone Pilot Training students only

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Flight Assessment (Day and Night Operations)

This option is also for existing CAA / EASA qualified pilots and BMFA. Successful remote pilots receive a letter of NQE recommendation for the CAA

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Introduction to Flight Training

Specifically aimed at providing you with the necessary core skills to operate safely

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Operations Manual Initial Review

Get your Operations Manual reviewed by our highly experienced instructors, and submitted to the CAA with our endorsement

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Operations Manual Renewal

Prepare your Operations Manual for submission to the CAA for the renewal of your PfCO with our support

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Aerial Imagery

Created by a multi-award winning cameraman we will teach you the skills to produce photography and video with maximum impact to impress clients

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Aerial Inspection

Introduction to Aerial Inspection course to demonstrate the skills required for aerial inspection, which students will practise and demonstrate competency in through the use of their drone platforms

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Aerial Survey

Introduction to Aerial Survey course in order to provide students the basic skills needed to fly aerial surveys and gather the information required

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Extended Visual Line of Sight

Use of observers to extend the visual line of sight between the remote pilot and their aircraft, within or beyond 500m/400ft

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For bookings of two or more students, military personnel / veterans, or details of how we can tailor our training to suit your needs (date or location) then please contact RUAS sales on +44 (0) 1633 835 123.