Counter Drone Technology added to the Catalogue of Security Equipment (CSE) by the UK Government’s Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI)

Jamie Reddish | 09.12.2019

Over the last 12 months the UK Government's Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) have been developing an assessment criteria for the different levels of Counter Drone Technology that are on offer, testing the available software before adding the most effective and reliable of the technologies to the CPNI Catalogue of Security Equipment (CSE). This provides a list of products that can be used across critical infrastructure sites in the UK such as powers stations or transport hubs such as airports.

This is the latest development in the introduction of counter drone technology to protect the UK's critical national infrastructure from the potential misuse of drones and is the first formal Government certification of any counter drone technology.

Head of RUAS Mark Jones has said "The involvement of the CPNI and the addition of Counter Drone Technology to the CSE is a big step in people recognising the importance of this development to the market and specifically national infrastructure. The increase in the availability of drones and the potential misuse in the wrong hands mean that traditional security methods are not necessarily as effective as they once were and Counter Drone Technology can plug that gap. The addition of specific Counter Drone Technologies to the CSE will give people confidence in the new technology."

There are a number of different drone detection products that have been added to the CSE which reflects RUAS' verdict that there is not one solution for everyone, more that each individual security requirement is different and different solutions will work more appropriately across various circumstances.

Mark Jones added "The CSE gives the people responsible for security within both critical national infrastructure industries and related industries such as police forces and stadiums confidence in products that have been approved by the government and the introduction of certain approved counter drone technologies to the list provides a benchmark for the whole counter drone industry. Despite the introduction of the certification it is still important that the right technology is selected on a case by case basis. RUAS are able to conduct a thorough audit of a sites specific requirements and supply counter drone technology that will work best for those requirements."

For more information about the CPNI's approach to counter drone technology click here or call RUAS on +44 (0) 1633 835 123 to talk about your requirements