RUAS | Specialists in Drone Training, Drone Operations and Drone Detection Services

Drone Training

As the longest standing accredited UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) National Qualified Entity (NQE), RUAS are one of the UK's leading drone training providers, having trained over 4,250 pilots.

Offering online and classroom based drone training courses led by expert instructors, to assist you in getting your Permissions for Commercial Operations (PfCO)

Drone Operations

Drones provide, cost effective, time saving, high quality outputs whilst removing risk to personnel compared to traditional methods for activities such as inspections or surveying.

RUAS' team of remote pilots are able to fly unmanned aircraft in both day and night conditions. Our enhanced permissions from the CAA allows us to operate from within 5 metres to any vessel, vehicle, structure and 10 metres to any person not under our control in any given environment (including urban environments).

Drone Detection

Specialising in the provision of consultancy, equipment and software to detect, track and identify drone operations, notifying security staff and key personnel.

RUAS can deliver your drone detection solutions.

We are experienced in working with huge clients across the UK and worldwide. Below is a small sample of our clients to find out more about our pedigree please click here.

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